About Us

OZLER formwork and scaffold systems in 1996, the construction sector columns, curtains, walls, concrete mold, mold and wall of the pier to Pier system was founded with the aim to be a solution partner.
OZLER of all scaffold systems and formwork design, planning, manufacturing, sales, rental and technical support and supervision services with experienced and dynamic team continues.
OZLER in this industry when he started with 4 employees in an area of 200 m2, 27.000 m2 12.000 m2 15.000 m2 of storage space are now a total of over 150 production facilities and experienced employees in the best possible way to its customers by reaching out to serves.
OZLER are kept at the highest level of advanced technology and automation production facilities, where occupational safety is using. Automatic cutting and drilling machines, metal processing centers, Robotics and automation, welding machines, 30 - pressure presses with a force up to 400 tonnes, CNC cutting and bending machines and manufactures high quality products with with great care. Our R & D team is constantly thinking about innovation in new product development of existing products and developing.
OZLER of the colon and curtain pattern construction scaffolding, accessories and auxiliary materials, special formwork and scaffold solutions to the construction industry continues to provide with solutions.
OZLER with increasing momentum since its inception by continuing to grow domestically and abroad serves hundreds of domestic and foreign companies.
OZLER have been involved in construction projects as a solution partner of Turkey's leading companies and has included the firm among the many valuable references. To provide service to major companies in the construction industry and our biggest goal is to be a solution partner.
A quality product at a reasonable price with an excellent service in time, would you like to take?
OZLER formwork and scaffold systems
“Your solution partner since ' 96”