Our Founder

Mehmet ÖZELCİ OZELCI Mehmet (1952 - 2002) 

Necati was born in 1952 as the first child of the late Zahra ozelci in Safranbolu. Elementary and high school in Safranbolu, a university degree and finished in Istanbul. In 1979 he married Perihan Opens the Selo. Ebru Selo that memo and banum and his beloved father, Necibe, Nermin, Mehmet sevim and wisdom ozelci, who is the brother of Izmir, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, Sakarya in Istanbul and again served as a tax inspector, and retired. Formwork and scaffold systems was established in 1996 with OZELCI Nuri. left the company a stake in failing to OZELCI Nuri the year 2000. Everyone is familiar with and moral and material to come to the aid of a humanist who has passed away at a very early age for personality OZELCI Mehmet a inconvenience. She is buried next to his beloved Father in Safranbolu. All mercy, longing, we remember with gratitude. Venues heaven, I pray for souls

Nuri ÖZELCİ OZELCI Nuri (1955 - )

Hurucoren, Kastamonu vehicle in the township in 1955, in the village of the deceased and children of ozelci fevkiye and faik, Namik, Nezahat, Melahat was born as the youngest of the family and after. At the age of 12 his father lost his mother at the age of 29. In the village primary school, middle school, high school and finished his college education in Istanbul. In 1979, the woman behind, companion, she married Emine sevgi Erol Mon Brave. Burak berkan says those are my father and my life source: 5 years in accounting 2 years of asmaş conqueror in threes in vaccine worked as an accountant in a waterfall. After 12 years of military service in Istanbul AS the appropriate MINING. s he acted as accounting Manager. Tankay auditor for 6 years in the basement of building societies, CHAMPION 2 semesters of accounting in classrooms a teacher, member of the Board of Directors for 3 years in Istanbul, KOMPAS, served as a board member of the club semester 2 kastamonuspor. Mining the mining sector in 1992 and REGISTERED in 1994 with 2 automotive promise. Al the automotive industry, construction formwork and scaffolding formwork and scaffold systems with Mehmet Ozelci in 1996 by establishing the leasing of manufacturing and went into business. The management of the company his sons, John and Daniel who left to formwork and scaffold systems is now Honorary Chairman OZELCI Nuri CORP he is the coordinator of OZLER.