Our vision & our mission

Our vision is to be
Turkey's and the region's most valuable, most secure, most sought-after company on the path to becoming formwork and scaffold systems, we continue our way without compromising on quality.
Our mission
özler leaders; our founder, Sec. Nuri ozelci the easily earned money, but hard to lose it, reputation, and credit is tight, but is easily lost.” bearing in mind that, without compromising the quality; in an area of 200 m2 with 4 employees when I started in this industry, a total of 27.000 m2 12.000 m2 15.000 m2 of storage space facilities now production has grown to over 150 employees and experienced.
Özler of the constantly rising success depends on both quality and price, which is the most important competitive factor. The responsibility of working with the leading companies of the global economy of continuing on the path of the essence; the assurance of quality products and timely delivery to its customers always considers to be the most valuable capital.
Our values
our colleagues and our suppliers, and OZLER a member of the family, and the source of your strength. Our colleagues and their talent by creating development opportunities to increase their happiness is our goal. Our main principle is to make any environment by ensuring their participation in team work.
Our products and services are the results of our efforts. Our products and services is appreciated by our customers, if we, too, will be our value.
That will make it easier to produce new products and improve our products and services, and the workflow to generate the necessary resources to profit is our goal.
Our strategy to
all employees within the core group; and the conditions listed below form the basis of our quality policy are obligated to apply at each stage of the workflow:
✓ satisfaction by developing products and services in line with the needs and demands of our customers always at the highest level.
Continuous upgrading of the quality of the product without causing cost increase.
Continuously improve their business processes in order to meet customer satisfaction.
Deliver product to our customers at international standards.
Appropriate for occupational safety and health carry out the activity in a way that does not harm the environment.
✓ Innovations in the sector.
In line with this policy to continuously improve our quality management system is an indispensable principle.

The Board of Directors
  the Chairman of